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If you have already registered (quick and painless!), you can use one of the forms below to submit your software to the library. We accept both manual and PAD submissions for your convenience. We also offer a Premium Listings service to authors wishing to have their software titles prominently featured as well as a Full Review service for even greater exposure.

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Manual Submission Form
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PAD Submission Form
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Program Name: This is the name of the program you are submitting.
Platform(s) this program will run on: Here, you can select the operating system(s) under which your program runs. Please note that we can only list 32-bit Window's programs (with the exception of drivers, images, runtime files, etc).
Program Requirements: These are the minimum system requirements needed in order for your software to run on the end-user's computer.
Program Version: In this space you can include in the version of your program (ie; "v2.0b", etc).
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Screenshot URL: This is an actual link to a screenshot or picture of the software you are submitting (not the page containing the screenshot). Visitors often like to see what they are getting before they actually download it. If you don't have a screenshot you can make one very easily using an image-capture program or you may simply leave this space blank. Screenshots need to be 160x160 px.
Registration Link: This is a link to a page on your site where people can purchase your software. If your software is free, you may simply leave this field blank.
Homepage For This Program: This is a link directly to your main page or a page where your software is prominently featured.
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