Our Privacy Policy

Your Data Center respects your absolute right to privacy

Your Data Center respects your right to privacy at all times and does not sell, rent, lease, disclose, publish or otherwise make available, information about visitors coming to our site to third parties. Below is a breakdown of how your information is used and what we do with it.

(1) Cookies
"Cookies" are tiny, innocuous bits of information that are automatically downloaded to your computer when you visit sites that utilize them. These cookies automatically "remember" things like your last visit, passwords, personal preferences, etc so that you don't have to type them in each time you visit the site. Your Data Center does not use cookies anywhere in it's code or on it's site. However, since some advertisers use cookies in their ad's, there is the possibility that cookies could be downloaded to your computer if you click on an ad and leave our site. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of accepting cookies, you can easily disable them by going to the "options" tab in your browser and turning them off.

(2) Surveys
The Visitor Satisfaction Survey and other surveys we may choose to use on our site in the future are purely voluntary and the information collected from them is used only for statistical research and to improve the overall quality of our site. At no time do we make information from visitor surveys available to third parties or outside advertising agencies.

(3) Software Submissions
Information entered into our Software Submission Form is published on our site and made available to the general public. This means that we publish information about the software product(s) submitted to us and include a link back to the author's site. During the submission process we also ask for an email address. We do this in case the need ever arises to contact the author concerning an inactive link and for the purpose of providing a support link for our visitors. At no time is your email address made available to a third party or sold.

(4) Software Reviews
From time to time, we write and publish software reviews. When we do publish reviews, we typically include the review itself along with the author's URL or other "crediting" information. This information is then published on our main page where it appears for a period of one day to one week or longer. The reviews reflect our own personal opinions and are not intended to offend anyone. Nor are our reviews intended to endorse one product over another. At any time, authors have the option of requesting that their review be removed from the site and we will comply. Under no circumstances do we ever release the reviewer's email address to a third party or publish it with your review unless you specifically ask us to.

(5) Newsletter Articles
From time to time, we write and publish newsletters and send them out to various subscribers. Usually, this is done on a weekly basis. Subscribing to and receiving our weekly newsletter is a completely voluntary operation on your part. You will never receive our weekly newsletter unless you specifically request it. If you do subscribe and then decide that you no longer wish to receive it, it's easy to unsubscribe by simply filling out the form at the bottom of our main page. At no time is your email address ever made available to a third party or sold.

(6) Contact Form
When information is sent to us via our Contact Form, the information entered is considered to be of a private nature and is not disclosed to anyone. Depending on the type of communication you have with us (contact form, email, phone, fax, etc) we may choose to contact you or take other appropriate action depending on what action you requested we take via the drop-down menu in our contact form.

(7) "Tell A Friend" Form
Our Tell a Friend Form provides an easy and convenient way for visitors to tell their friends, relatives and acquaintances about our site. At no time do we monitor personal communications or messages being sent from this form, nor is any information collected or sent to us in any manner.

(8) Stored User Information
Besides the full name you enter when registering, nothing is reveiled about you. The email address, username, and password you supply when you sign up all remain hidden. To prevent server abuse and spamming, IP numbers are recorded, but are not made publicly available.